Removing Politics from the Auditor’s Office

The Office of the State Auditor should be a non-partisan watchdog of Minnesota government finances. Math is not partisan. No government body at any level should get a free pass from accountability and transparency. A state auditor should call “balls and strikes” and be willing to follow the money wherever it leads.

As your state auditor I promise to keep partisan politics out of the office and to serve ALL Minnesotans.

Ensuring Accountability

Eliminating waste, fraud and abuse will be the cornerstone of my administration. Billions of dollars in federal COVID relief has come into Minnesota and people are rightly asking “where did the money go?” I will ensure governments are held accountable for their spending decisions.

Transparent Government

We are all better when decisions are made in the light. I will work to ensure that Minnesotans fully understand how their hard earned tax dollars are spent, how government contracts are awarded and how we measure the results of our investments.

Uniquely Qualified

Ryan’s business acumen, legal expertise and life-long dedication to community service make him highly qualified to serve as Minnesota’s state auditor.

As a founder and former CEO of a global medical device research firm, Ryan understands the value of a dollar and the need to not waste or mismanage financial resources.

As an attorney Ryan understands how to ask the right questions and how to look in the right places to root out fraud and corruption.

As a community volunteer who’s served on several non-profit boards, Ryan understands the need for transparency in decision making because people feel included and more likely to agree with decisions when they see how they’re made.

As a father of five Ryan understands the importance of protecting Minnesota’s financial health for our future generations. Learn more about Ryan.

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